Woman loses $15,000 in timeshare scam

Woman loses $15,000 in timeshare scam

Most of us would love to take a vacation right now to get away to somewhere warm! Wouldn’t it be great to own a timeshare? Maybe not!

“The best thing to do is if you hear timeshare, run the other way,” Esther Bilicki said.

Bilicki is speaking from experience. She lost more than $15,000 in a timeshare scam.

“They wanted to help us sell the timeshare so we didn`t have to worry about anything. They would take care of everything,” Bilicki said.

The company was called National Timeshare Resales.

“They made a lot of misrepresentations in convincing the people they would get their timeshare sold for them. They would just need to pay upfront fee ranging from $500- $2,500,” U.S. Postal Inspector Derick Thieme said.

The company lured people in by claiming they already had a seller on the line.

“Convince them they had a buyer for their timeshare and this was an imminent sale type deal, and they could help them get rid of the timeshare so they wouldn`t be responsible for the fees and maintenance costs,” Thieme said.


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